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EverTrust Bank joins the Relief Effort of Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan

Date: September 4, 2009

As of today, EverTrust Bank has collected over $11,000 from employees and customers at its six (6) office/branch locations. All funds will be transferred to Tzu-Chi Foundation for disaster relief plans and mid/long-term reconstruction plans for Typoon Morakot affected areas.

In addition, EverTrust Bank participated with TVB’s (Puti Dharma Society) relief efforts. Mr. Jesse Kung, President/CEO of EverTrust Bank has appeared in TVB news broadcasts urging viewers to donate. As of today, the donation is over $70,000.

EverTrust Bank Mr. Jesse Kung, President/CEO’s Message to Bank Colleagues August 12, 2009

As you had already heard from the media, Taiwan suffered its worst flooding in decades. Typhoon Morakot caused massive destruction and mudslides triggered by torrential rains may have buried up to 700 villagers in southern Taiwan, media reports said Monday,

Chairman Lo, deeply saddened by the suffering in the devastated areas, announced on Tuesday that IBT Group had pledged a donation of NT dollars Ten Million for the relief of the victims of Typhoon Morakot and post-flood reconstruction. EverTrust Bank, as member company of the Group, would also like to join the effort by launching donation drive with local charity organizations, such as Tzu-Chi Foundation and Puti Dharma (TVB), to help the flood victims. Special purpose accounts and/or donation box will soon be established to accept donations.

Our prayer goes to those victims; but more importantly, we opt to join hands with charity organizations helping the needed families for emergency assistance and medical care. Your kind participation is encouraged.

台灣工銀集團捐款新台幣一千萬元賑災 2009/8/11



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