About Us

About Us

EverTrust Bank is a subsidiary of Industrial Bank of Taiwan (IBT).

Headquartered in the City of Pasadena in Southern California, EverTrust Bank was established in 1995 by a group of overseas Chinese bankers and entrepreneurs. In July 2006, IBT reached an agreement with the Bank to purchase 100% stake of the Bank via a newly established U.S. holding company, IBT Holdings Corp. The acquisition was consummated on March 30, 2007 and has become an important step in IBT's strategy of international expansion.

Presently, the Bank focuses on servicing Chinese businesses in California providing C&I, trade finance, commercial real estate and construction loans as well as deposit services. EverTrust Bank has seven full service branches located at Pasadena, City of Industry, Alhambra, Irvine, Cerritos, Cupertino and Arcadia.

As of December 31, 2014, EverTrust Bank had assets of US$678 million.

Looking forward, EverTrust Bank has vision and professionalism, and is committed to enhance its earnings capabilities and pursue a sustainable growth. EverTrust bank will draw on the experience and expertise of the IBT Group to expand its product offerings and geographic reach.

台灣工業銀行收購華信銀行百分之百的股權,成為台灣工銀美國子行,但仍維持「EverTrust Bank」的名稱。

總行位於加州巴沙迪那市(City of Pasadena)的華信銀行,係1995年於加州設立之華資商業銀行,主要業務為商業放款、商用不動產放款以及存款吸收,客戶以南加州之中小企業為主。華信商業銀行共有 7 家分行,其中 5 家位於洛杉磯郡,1家在橘郡, 1家在聖塔克拉拉郡,截至2014年12月底,總資產達 6.78 億美元。



Board of Directors


Kenneth C.M. Lo, Chairman

Henry W. Peng, Vice Chairman

Dr. Harold Lloyd Best

Joe W. Hsieh

Richard Y. Koo

Jesse C.K. Kung

Wkang Hsiang Wang

Tony Yang



Jesse C.K. Kung
President & Chief Executive Officer

Julian Fong
SEVP & Chief Operating Officer

Robert Sato
EVP & Chief Credit Officer

Theresa Ko
EVP & Chief Financial Officer

Minna Tsao
EVP & Head of Operations Admin

Eva Liu
SVP & Head of General Admin


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